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Street Trading

Street Trading means the selling or offering for sale any articles (including a living thing) in a street or from a stationary van, cart, barrow or other vehicle.

In the majority of cases, street trading consent is required before goods can be sold on any street within the district of Carlisle.

Applicants are required to provide proof that permission has been given by the landowner/manager for trading on their land which includes highways.Applicants should note that any fee for a concession by the landowner is separate from the fee which must accompany an application for Street Trading Consent.

Applicants should also consult with the Highways Authority (Cumbria County Council) and Highways England as to whether any restrictions exist that might impact on their trading activity,

If you intend to sell hot food and drink between 11:00pm and 5:00am you will also require a Premises Licence for Late Night Refreshment.

To apply for a street trading licence:

An application form must be completed, accompanied by:

  • Photograph of the vehicle
  • Site Location Plan
  • Consent from the landowner
  • Copy of the vehicles MOT and Insurance certificates
  • Copies of electrical and gas safety records
  • Public Liability Insurance

Following receipt of your application there will be a consultation period of 14 days.  Your application will also be advertised on the proposed trading site.  If no representations are received the consent will be granted after the consultation period ends,

Street Trading consents expire 12 months after the date of grant.

Apply online :

Occasional Street Trading Consent

For short term or one off events, applications can be made for an Occasional Street Trading Licence. These are charged for per vehicle.

If you suspect someone of street trading without consent please contact us. Enforcement action will be taken against persons contravening this legislation.

Pedlar's licence

Pedlars must be mobile between transactions and can only be in the same position during a transaction, unlike licensed street traders who can can stay in the same place between sales.  More information on the difference between street traders and pedlars can be found on the downloadable documents along with Guidance for Pedlars.

Pedlars are not permitted to trade unless they have a pedlar's licence issued by the police. Once they have a licence, pedlars can trade throughout the country using the same licence.

Pedlars licenses are issued by the police. If you require a pedlar's licence, call Cumbria Police on 101.

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