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Roads, Highways and Pavements

Almost all of the road network in Cumbria is looked after by Cumbria Highways, a partnership between Cumbria County Council, Amey and Connect Roads, who work together on behalf of the county council.

Cumbria Highways manages and maintains around 4,784 miles (7,700km) of highway network, covering everything from major routes to minor rural roads.

The county council is also responsible for setting speed limits, gritting roads in winter and looking after hundreds of bridges, tens of thousands of street lights and other structures. They have a key role in coping with traffic accidents, civil emergencies, improving road safety and many other areas. This is a massive task and they currently spend more than £50 million on it each year.

Grass cutting

We are responsible for cutting the grass in parks, open spaces, and on some grass verges.

The Education Department of Cumbria County Council are responsible for grass cutting on school grounds.

For Riverside Housing Association Properties (these used to be called Carlisle Housing Association houses) please deal directly with Riverside on 0845 270 2300.

National Highways A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project – Notification of Proposed Changes Consultation.

For further details on this consultation please visit the project website at

HS2 Phase 2 Crewe - Manchester Bill

The Government has introduced the High Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill into Parliament to seek the powers to build and operate the next section of the HS2 route, between Crewe and Manchester, with a connection to the West Coast Main Line to serve stations in Scotland and the North-West.

You can find out more about it on our website at

Documents published alongside the Bill include:

  • An Environmental Statement that reports the environmental impacts of the planned new railway;
  • Parliamentary Plans and Sections, showing the works and land required for the construction and operation of the planned new railway.

These and the other Bill documents can be found at Here you can also find a list of the public libraries and local authority offices that hold the Bill documents for viewing.

Information about the outcomes of consultations held on the new railway in 2018 (Working draft Environmental Statement and EQIA consultations) and 2020 (Western Leg Design Refinement Consultation) has also been published. Visit in the first instance to find out more. 

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