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Thursday , August , 22 2019
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Bins and Recycling

Carlisle City Council provide householders with either a grey refuse wheelie bin or seagull proof sack for household waste, a garden waste bin, kerbside recycling boxes (for tins and cans and glass bottles and jars) and recycling bags for plastics (in one bag) and cardboard, cartons and paper (in one bag).

  Bins and Recyling FAQ

Subsidised Green Cone and Green Johanna food waste digesters

Carlisle City Council in partnership with Cumbria County Council are pleased to be able to offer subsidised Green Cone and Green Johanna food waste digesters for their residents.

Orders can be placed from the Great Green Systems website, or, if you would prefer to order by phone or for more information please call 0800 013 1304. Please note price includes delivery direct to your door within 28 days.

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