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Friday , August , 23 2019
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Bins and Recycling

Carlisle City Council provide householders with either a grey refuse wheelie bin or seagull proof sack for household waste, a garden waste bin, kerbside recycling boxes (for tins and cans and glass bottles and jars) and recycling bags for plastics (in one bag) and cardboard, cartons and paper (in one bag).

  Bins and Recyling FAQ

Help with your waste

Help with your waste

An assisted collection service is provided for householders who are unable to take their bin to the kerbside or carry their Greenbox or Greenbags because of disability or ill health and where there are no other able bodied persons over 16 years old living in the same household that could help.

Special arrangements are made for our collectors to wheel your bin out for collection or carry your gull-sack, Greenbox or Greenbags and return them after they have been emptied.

For further details please use our online form. You will need to provide evidence to support your application and your request will be risk assessed.

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