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Thursday , April , 26 2018

  Bins and Recyling FAQ

Plastic and Card (green bags)

Plastic and Card (green bags)

Greenbag's are provided for the kerbside recycling collection of plastic, card, paper and cartons (e.g, tetrapak). We supply one bag for plastics and one bag for card, paper and cartons.  Additional bags are available if required from the Civic Centre. Please do not mix plastics with the card/paper/cartons in the same bag as they are emptied into different compartments in the vehicle. Please do not leave any food waste in the containers you place into your greenbags - we can only recycle clean plastics.  If you would like to recycle more of your waste, please order additional recycling bags.

Please check your recycling calendar for collection dates. Your calendar will only show Greenbag recycling if we collect from your area .

Please place your bags out at the kerbside before 7am as we cannot return if you miss us.

You may wish to mark your property name or number on your bags to ensure safe return.

What can I recycle in my green bags?

Plastics Cardboard, Paper and Cartons
  • Bottles
  • Tubs andYoghurt pots
  • Food trays and Containers
  • Other recyclable small household plastics

Please flatten where possible and place all plastics in one green bag.

Sorry - NO polystyrene, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, plastic bags, plastic toys, cling film or food waste.

  • Packaging boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Food sleeves and boxes
  • Toilet and kitchen roll tubes
  • All paper, magazines etc (sorry, no wrapping paper)
  • Food and drink cartons (e.g, tetrapak)

Please flatten and place all these items in one green bag. Larger items can go beside your recycling bag or you can collect additional bags if required.


  • Please don't mix your plastic and card/paper/cartons
  • Please don't place anything in plastic carrier bags.
  • Please wash and squash where possible.
  • You can also recycle these items at most recycling points.

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