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SHINE North of England Grants

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Objectives of Fund

SHINE’s current work is with organisations and schools with ideas with real potential to effect educational change across the Northern Powerhouse region.

Value Notes

The normal range of grant funding for the full duration of a two to three year project is around £20,000 and £100,000.

Match Funding Restrictions

Preference is usually given to projects with some match funding in place. This can, however, be in the form of ‘in-kind’ funding, eg,. a school being willing to cover the cost of some teacher time or space for a project to take place, or contributions of time or resources from an organisation. Match funding is not essential, but will help strengthen an application if it is included.

Who Can Apply

Applications will be accepted from individual schools, groups of schools, such as MATs or informal learning clusters, charitable organisations, research organisations, traded services of local authorities. In some cases, commercial businesses can apply if their proposal clearly meets SHINE’s charitable aims.

There is particular interest in applications led by individual schools or groups of schools across the North of England.

How To Apply

A copy of the Application Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions are available on SHINE’s website. Applicants should read these before submitting an idea for funding.

Unsolicited applications can be made using the contact form on SHINE’s website. An outline of the project, including an indicative budget and a summary of the expected number of beneficiaries must be included. A member of the SHINE team will then contact applicants within two weeks to discuss their proposal. Those who meet the criteria and priorities will be invited to submit a full application form which will be provided by SHINE. The full application form is not publicly available.

Deadlines for submitting draft applications are usually around the end of January, end of April and the end of October each year.

Successful applicants have generally been in contact with SHINE for at least one to two months before these deadlines.

SHINE is a 'hands on' funder and is happy to advise and support grantees as they develop their proposals.

Useful documents & links

Useful Links

Addresses and contacts

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

  1. Enquiries
    Shine Trust
    Princess Exchange
    2 Princess Square
    LS1 4HQ
    Tel: 0113 280 5872
    Email: [email protected]

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