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Wednesday , June , 03 2020
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Grants and External Funding

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Open 4 Business Portal

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To support our businesses during the current COVID-19 crisis, and into the recovery phase, Carlisle City Council is providing free access to Open 4 Business. Open4Business is designed to support businesses locate relevant up to date funding opportunities.

The portal is updated regularly with new local, regional and national funding announcements and can be easily searched by businesses on the basis of their industry, region and business size. The portal then provides information on how to apply for funding and contact funders directly. To search for grants for your business you will first need to register on the Open4Business website


Grants and Funding News

Heritage Emergency Fund launches to help sector

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The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) has put together a £50 million fund to support the heritage sector as an immediate response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  


The UK-wide fund - money raised from The National Lottery - will address immediate pressures over the next three to six months for those organisations most in need. It will be open for applications within the next few days.


The £50m fund will be available for grants of between £3,000 and £50,000. It is available to organisations across the full breadth of heritage including historic sites, industrial and maritime heritage, museums, libraries and archives, parks and gardens, landscapes and nature.


Organisations that have received funding in the past or are either a current grantee, or still under contract following a previous grant, can apply.


Priority will be given where:

  • there is limited or no access to other sources of support

  • where heritage is most at risk

  • where an organisation is at risk of severe financial crisis due to COVID-19.


In order to address the crisis, NHLF have taken the decision to halt all new grant applications with immediate effect. The Heritage Emergency Fund will consist of money diverted from new grants.


As well as the Heritage Emergency Fund, NHLF will also support the sector in the following ways:


  • Accelerating the provision of the £1.2m Digital Skills for Heritage initiative to help the sector through the crisis and beyond

  • By continuing to support the 2,500 projects it has already committed to funding

  • By being as flexible as possible for existing grantees

  • By providing bespoke advice and support

  • A £2m commitment to the network of ROSS consultants in the new financial year. It will direct that support to organisations in need. In doing so it is also helping several hundred freelancers and self-employed people

  • Working closely with the Government, other funders and heritage organisations to bring together support for the sector

  • In the longer term, it has invested £4m in two Enterprise Development programmes across the UK for heritage leaders, and Business Support Programmes in all four countries. More information on this soon.

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