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Wednesday , December , 02 2020
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Open 4 Business Portal

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Carlisle City Council is providing local businesses with free access to its local business support and grant portal provided by Open4Business. This is tailored for the Carlisle area and includes local, regional and national schemes.

Business can also search for funding relevant to their size and sector. To use the portal, you will first need to register with Open4Business.


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Standard Life Foundation - Coronavirus pandemic – fast track applications

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As with many individuals and organisations we are thinking about how we can respond to and best use the resources we have. It goes without saying that this is a challenging period which raises many difficulties. The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the way we live and work and the consequences will be far-reaching, especially for those with the least resources. Although we are all affected, we are not all affected equally.

At Standard Life Foundation we have been considering how we can best meet our mission of tackling financial problems and improving living standards. We have been talking to organisations working in the field, other funders and key stakeholders and following the rapid development of the pandemic.

Whilst coronavirus has raised significant challenges, we have also been struck by the wide range of solutions, many of which would have been considered too ambitious before now. These have been far reaching such as the Government’s job retention scheme (paying 80% of the salary of workers laid off), changes to social security benefits, as well as the growth of grass roots mutual aid community groups and the 500,000 who have signed up to become NHS volunteers. These are very welcome measures, which will make a difference, but there is more we need to do. The pandemic is having an immediate impact and we all need to work together.

As a first step we published a statement of support to groups we are currently funding, outlining our flexible approach to existing work we are supporting. We have had conversations with many of our partners as to how we take the work forwards and how their projects may need to adapt and respond to the pandemic.

We are also continuing our assessment process of all current funding applications. However, we are mindful that applicants may wish to reconsider their proposals in light of coronavirus and are encouraging them to adjust as necessary.

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be making funding available for work directly related to the pandemic, addressing specific challenges and helping to contribute to social change which tackles financial problems and improves living standards for those on low-to-middle incomes in the UK. More detail about our approach and the types of activities we fund are outlined in more detail in our funding guidelines. Please do read this document as this provides greater detail about our funding programmes, as outlined below.

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