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Wednesday , September , 30 2020
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Grants and External Funding

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Open 4 Business Portal

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To support our businesses during the current COVID-19 crisis, and into the recovery phase, Carlisle City Council is providing free access to Open 4 Business. Open4Business is designed to support businesses locate relevant up to date funding opportunities.

The portal is updated regularly with new local, regional and national funding announcements and can be easily searched by businesses on the basis of their industry, region and business size. The portal then provides information on how to apply for funding and contact funders directly. To search for grants for your business you will first need to register on the Open4Business website


Grants and Funding News

Shell Startup Engine UK

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A programme for energy start-ups in the UK to accelerate the energy transition to deliver more and cleaner energy.

Objectives of Fund

The programme is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs helping to accelerate the UK energy transition and is in line with Shell's ambitions to deliver more and cleaner energy.

Value Notes

The programme provides access to high-quality mentors, potential investors and business partners and a supportive start-up community.

Startups taking part in the programme will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect to revenue and investment opportunities.

  • Get support to tackle strategic, operations, product and sales challenges.

  • Join a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts.

  • Expose their business and impact to special publics.

  • Enhance leadership and team capabilities.

Who Can Apply

The programme will focus on start-ups operating in or entering the UK energy market.

A broad spectrum of new energy sectors relevant to Shell in the UK, including Renewable Energy Production, Energy Storage, Grid Stabilisation and Next Gen Distribution, Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Energy Efficiency Technologies, e-Mobility, EV Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Nature-based Solutions, Carbon Marketplaces, and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage will be considered.

Shell and Unreasonable will prioritise ventures that contribute to:

  • Fair and just transition

    • start-ups that help to mitigate social risks of the energy transition, specifically in terms of job creation and positive impact on local communities.

  • Access to energy

    • start-ups that allow more people get access to cleaner and more affordable energy in the UK and globally.

  • Consumer empowerment

    • start-ups that give customers the information and the tools that they need to be able to buy, store, consume and trade energy in a more controlled and low-carbon way.



How To Apply

Start-ups will be selected through scouting and open applications. An application form is available from the Shell website.

Shell and Unreasonable will review prospective participants on a rolling basis, and high-potential start-ups could be placed on a waiting list.

More details can be accessed at:

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