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Friday , December , 13 2019
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Launch of a new music bursary for schools

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In their 90th year, Decca Records is supporting the launch of a new Universal Music UK Sound Foundation bursary – the Decca Bursary – to give children from the UK the opportunity to experience classical music.

Decca is the biggest classical record label in the UK.

The Decca Bursary aims to inspire and encourage a new generation of classical musicians and composers. Its mission is to help children afford a classical music education, no matter their financial background.

The bursary is supported by funds raised by a team from Decca Records and Universal Music UK who scaled the heights of the UK's three highest peaks within 24 hours.

Grants of a maximum £2,000 will be available to eligible individuals and ensembles, in need of funding for classical music lessons, instruments and courses throughout the UK.

Individuals (of school-age), teachers on their behalf, and schools will be able to submit applications.

Applications for awards will open in the new year.

For further information please contact [email protected]

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