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Grants and External Funding

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Open 4 Business Portal

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Carlisle City Council is providing local businesses with free access to its local business support and grant portal provided by Open4Business. This is tailored for the Carlisle area and includes local, regional and national schemes.

Business can also search for funding relevant to their size and sector. To use the portal, you will first need to register with Open4Business.


Grants and Funding


Woodland Carbon Code

10 December 2020/Categories: Grants_and_Funding


The Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) sets out robust requirements for voluntary carbon sequestration projects that incorporate core principles of good carbon management as part of modern sustainable forest management.

Objectives of Fund

Specific objectives of the Code include:

  • ensuring high standards of sustainable forest management in line with the UK Forestry Standard and supporting guidelines for climate change;

  • best practice in woodland carbon accounting;

  • scientifically sound forest carbon measurement protocols that enable consistent and rigorous measurement of carbon uptake in woodlands;

  • integrity through independent quality assurance (validation and regular verification);

  • open and transparent project registration, issuance, tracking and retirement of carbon units.

Value Notes

There is no direct financial element to the Woodland Carbon Code, however woodland managers with the Woodland Carbon Code standard can be identified by businesses and other organisations that are seeking to invest in carbon sequestration projects to off-set their carbon output.

Who Can Apply

The Woodland Carbon Code can benefit a range of organisations seeking to establish and invest in woodland creation projects for carbon sequestration, including:

  • Businesses - WCC projects create real and verifiable carbon units which can be bought and used by businesses wishing to reduce their impact on the global climate and cost-effectively compensate for their emissions. As a business manager, businesses will only want to buy units from carbon-capture projects if they feel confident that the woodlands will be well managed and will capture the CO2 claimed. Verification against the Woodland Carbon Code meets this need by providing the evidence. Businesses can also be reassured that they can track the purchase, ownership and use of credits on a highly respected registry.

  • Landowners - Landowners seeking to create woodland or partner with an organisation to create woodland can identify potential partners and investors.

  • Carbon companies - involved in carbon sequestration can use the Woodland Carbon Code to reassure investors and identify high standard projects that are fit for investment.



How To Apply

The Forestry Commission may be approached for advice and support at any time.

The programme website has a range of resources available to help in putting together an application.  

Email: [email protected]



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