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Grants and Funding


Youth Endowment Fund

20 May 2020/Categories: Grants_and_Funding

Funding is available for organisations in England and Wales to support interventions targeting children aged 10-14 who are at risk of being drawn into crime and violence, and to build up knowledge of what works to prevent this happening.

Fund Information

Funding body:

Home Office

Maximum value:


Application deadline:

None specified


The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) has been launched as part of the Government’s Serious Violence Strategy. The Home Office has made £200 million available over the next ten years to fund and test interventions aiming to prevent young people from being drawn into crime and violence, to build up knowledge of what works to prevent this.

In March 2019 the Home Office announced the YEF will be run by Impetus, in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation and Social Investment Business. The YEF will be constituted as an independent charitable trust, which is accountable to the Impetus Board.

In its initial year, the Youth Endowment Fund will dispense funds in three ways:

  • Running a one-off open call round to fund and evaluate promising approaches to preventing youth offending, which have not yet gathered strong evidence of their impact. In this round, grantees will need to spend £100,000 or more by March 2020.

  • Funding a smaller number of programmes with good evidence of impact and which are ready for large scale evaluation.

  • Supporting two local partnerships in areas with high levels of youth crime to develop a multi-stakeholder response to preventing youth offending; evaluate and learn to inform its approach to place-based work.

Objectives of Fund

The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) has been established to fund and evaluate interventions targeting children aged 10-14 living in England and Wales who are at risk of being drawn into crime and violence, and aims build up knowledge of what works to prevent this from happening.

Value Notes

Up to two years of funding is available. A grant value of +/- £200,000 per year is indicated by the funders.

Applicants must be able to spend a minimum of £100,000 within the first six months of the grant (ie between October 2019 and March 2020). There is no upper limit to what can be spent during this period.

Who Can Apply

Applications can be made by any legally constituted organisation, including charities; social enterprises; public sector agencies, such as councils, schools, health or police forces; and for-profit companies.

Organisations need to have a track record of delivery to young people, either directly or indirectly (for example training youth workers), or be working in partnership with another organisation that can do this.

Eligible applicants will:

  • Primarily target young people aged 10-14 years old.

  • Be operating in England and/or Wales.

  • Be working to prevent young people’s involvement in crime and violence, or the risk factors associated with these outcomes.

  • Have a clear theory of change, which explains how their intervention achieves this outcome.

  • Be willing to be independently evaluated.

  • Be willing to share learning to benefit others in the sector.

  • Be planning to deliver their intervention for at least 12 months.

  • Have the capacity to absorb the funding quickly.


England and Wales


Funding cannot be used for:

  • The cost of existing provision (ie core costs).

  • Replacing funding from other sources.

  • Religious or political purposes, or to help promote any religion.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding is available for the expansion of an existing programme or service to reach additional participants, or the delivery of a new programme or service. Interventions must target young people who are at risk of offending and have a robust theory of change.

Grants can be used to cover the costs of frontline delivery of interventions (including staff costs).

Successful proposals should:

  • Primarily target young people aged 10-14 years old, who are judged to be at risk of being drawn into crime and violence:

    • This could include those who are experiencing issues strongly associated with later offending and crime and antisocial behaviours, such as school exclusion, conduct disorder, having family members who are known to be involved in serious crime, as well as other high-risk indicators.

    • Interventions may involve working directly with at-risk young people, or indirectly (for example through working with parents or teachers). Proposals are welcomed for interventions for young people on the edge of the Criminal Justice System or which are already involved with the Criminal Justice System (for example programmes or services which aim to prevent re-offending).

  • Be designed to prevent young people’s involvement in crime and violence, through targeting factors including mental health, peer relationships, social and emotional competency, and family function. This could include interventions which:

    • Seek to address risk and protective factors that are strongly associated with crime (for example mentoring programmes or targeted school based social and emotional learning initiatives).

    • Target high-risk children and young people.

    • Target those who are in or at the fringes of the criminal justice system.

  • Be well defined, with a clear and robust theory of change, informed by available evidence. This should make clear:

    • What the intended outcome of the intervention is, and how the underlying activities will drive these outcomes.

    • Why the intervention is needed, and why it will add value over and above what is already available for the young people in question.

  • Be willing and able to be independently evaluated.

  • Be willing to share learning for the benefit of others in the sector.

  • Be planning to deliver the intervention for at least 12 months.

  • Have the capacity to start delivering to additional participants quickly.

How To Apply

Information on future funding rounds will be provided when it becomes available.

Full application guidance is available on the Social Investment Business website. Applications should be submitted via the SIB online application portal.

All applications will go through an initial sifting process to establish which proposals will be taken forward for full review. Shortlisted applicants will be aided with the development of an initial evaluation plan and the finalising of their proposals before presenting them to the YEF Grants Committee.

Useful documents & links

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Addresses and contacts

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

  1. Grants Team
    Youth Endowment Fund
    Floor 4
    Evergreen House North
    160 Grafton Place
    NW1 2DX
    Email: [email protected]


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